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Please note I'm currently working on the new site. I didn't want to take the site offline though, so you can still visit it. However me working on the site while it's still online means a lot of the pages will appear wonky. But not to worry, it won't take too long. Happy
Saturday, May 4, 2013 - 01:39

Playfish recently announced that they are shutting down both The Sims Social and SimCity Social. You can read more details in the F.A.Q.

I'm not happy about this, and a lot of people I know who play the games are upset. Some people even spent real money on these games and they are frustrated to say the least about the closure. EA is now pushing players to go to PopCap and pick a free game from a small selection, one of which being Bejeweled.

Monday, April 1, 2013 - 19:07

Yesterday (or rather, during the night) I announced the ending of SNW. Now I need fans, friends and foes to read this carefully: Everything I wrote in my previous post is true. Everything about the broken hardware/electronics, everything about the stress, everything about the community hate and everything about the site issues. All those things are true. Everything except the bit about closing the site. Yes people, that bit was an April Fools joke. Might be a harsh one, but that bit could have been true as well.

As I was typing my news post yesterday, Cheetah walked by, he saw the title and it scared him a lot. You see. He actually heard and saw me the past months. He knows how stressed I've been, and how I was this close to actually shutting down SNW. He kept me from closing SNW several times. So, you have him to thank for the fact that SNW is still up and running. Because all the issues are real. And I have real stress because of it.

Nonetheless though, it is absolutely true that I would miss SNW and the community too much if I'd close the doors. Yes, I'm talking about the same community with the haters. Because that same community also has a large group of lovely people. I met more than a handful of awesome people through the community. More people than I can count. And that's worth so much more than those haters I mentioned.

  • Like I mentioned, the problems are real. The computers are broken and we are working on getting the repaired. I don't know when but I hope as soon as possible. Not only am I bored out of my mind now that I can't game. I also can't work anymore and that's something I can't live with.
  • The site issues (the fact that it's slow and the weird bugs and errors) are not made up either. They do prevent me from posting anything right now. People are working on resolving those bugs. But it can take some time and even my lovely programmer boyfriend is unable to fix all the issues. At least not right away. I hate not being able to post properly. It's very frustrating, so please bare with us while we work on these things.
  • The stress I have from all the problems is real too. Some time ago I discovered I am losing a lot of hair and that's mainly due to medication and stress. Most of you probably don't know it. But I'm chronically ill, have several diseases and life is challenging at times, to say the least. I'm not a sad person because of it and I don't need anyone to pity me. But it's only fair to tell the truth. These illnesses make life harder and I realize more and more that I need to put myself first, before anything else, also meaning before SNW.
  • The community hate is real as well. I won't let others bully me away. But there are sites in the community who try their best to bully me and some of my friends, mostly because they are jealous. I refuse to mention their names, because I am better than that. I don't need to bring them down on my site. Karma will catch up with them later, I'm sure.

I'm very sorry I scared a lot of good friends and fans. I felt really bad seeing sad people on our Facebook and Twitter. I needed to let out my issues though and this was certainly a good way. No, SNW is not closing its doors. But sometimes I wonder why I bother to continue. And I hope after reading the previous post and this one, that you understand why I've had my doubts.

I'm also a little annoyed that some people could only look at the date and go: April Fools. Forget the date for a moment. Then read the previous post again, and read the above. And then think again. It was this close to being reality. Are these reasons not bad enough? Especially the stress I've had and still have are a constant reason for me to think: should I just stop all this? Of course every time I think this I'm reminded by lovely people that I shouldn't quit. That they love the site and the articles. Some also love the downloads. And then there is my other half, the lovely Cheetah, who says I will regret this decision if I would do it, that this is my hobby (so what will be left if I quit this?) and he tells me that the issues eventually will go away. I only chose a rotten date to tell you about the issues, I'll give you that. So yeah let's hope the issues will go away soon. At least now you know the issues I'm dealing with and that it might take some time for me to be back. If all goes according to plan they should probably pick up my computer this or next week? Not sure. I'll post about it on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Again I'm so sorry for the people that were truly shocked. Thanks for reading my rants though. And I just hope you will understand why I chose to do a radical thing like this. Believe me when I say that I am done with April Fools for the next 10 years. :P

Monday, April 1, 2013 - 02:06

I don't know where to start. So I'll just cut right to the chase. I'm shutting down SNW. I've had this website for 9 years, and those have been 9 wonderful years. But it's time to let go. I have several good reasons for me to come to this decision and I hope you all understand.

As some of my friends might have read on Facebook, recently a load of electronics in our house broke down. Not all at once, but most of them broke the past few weeks. A few big examples: My main computer is "broken". The hard disk has been giving problems since the beginning of 2012. I already sent it back for repair back then but Apple said there was nothing wrong with the hard disk. Well I was right, because the hard disk has been showing loads of bad sectors and it's come to a point where I can't boot to Windows anymore, which is where I play my games. If I cannot play my games, I can't write any reviews and I can't make any downloads. It's a long story but basically, I don't have any warranty on this anymore (I should, I have Apple Care) and of course I'm getting it fixed anyway, but I don't know when I'll have it back. Then there is the laptop, which started smoking out of nowhere the other day. Scared the hell out of me. But yeah, broken. Cheetah's computer also broke down yesterday. It's probably the power supply which shouldn't be too expensive to replace but, it's yet another broken computer. If you all remember, in January we lost a lot of stuff when the server crashed. I really did suffer emotionally from that. Besides all these computers, other electronics are failing too and it's just too much for me at the moment. I'm so done with this.

Besides the failing hardware and electronics, you might have noticed there aren't that many updates on SNW. This is mainly cause I have a lot of issues updating the site. It's a long and complicated story. Long story short: I need half an hour to post 3 lousy walls. And for the news it isn't any different. I need to post the English news. Then translate. After I've translated the article, the Dutch article will have an English url and the English article will have no proper url at all, just numbers. I then have to edit both the English and the Dutch articles to fix the urls. With images it isn't any better. If I want to use images in my content I have to add those images first, then add news, link the images to the article. Save the article. Edit it again and then I can insert them. Don't ask me why, there are just a lot of bugs. I'm so fed up with all the stress I've gained in 2013 and I really need a break.

As if these aren't enough reasons, I'm also really fed up with the hate in the community. It's nothing new, the hate has been around for years. But I notice there are STILL sites out there who hate me (or my site), for no good reason. I can try to be nice and I can try to be mean, nothing helps. I'm really tired of this hate in the community and to be honest: I have better things to do than to sit here and be hated on by people who think they are better than me. I don't deserve to be treated that way. I just hope this will be a lesson for people in the community. Try to get along at least. Try not to hate. Isn't the whole idea behind The Sims that you can be whoever you want to be, no matter what colour or sexual preference or hobbies? Why hate? I realize in most cases the hate comes from jealousy but jealousy is just a nasty thing you don't need. If I can give people in the community some good advice: Be original in your work and be nice to others. You'll get far if you at least try to do those things.

So the past few weeks I have been talking about these issues with Greg from SimCookie and Daniel from SimsGalore, who happen to be very good friends. And we all just sort of feel it's enough. We feel like maybe it's time to let a new generation of Simmers take over for us in the community. There are so many fansites already. So yeah, not only is SNW closing, my friends from SimCookie and SimsGalore are also closing their site.

Au revoir, my friends!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 13:04

EA sent this lovely EA-KeepCup to use during the reviews, since DST is coming soon for us Europeans. The KeepCup will come in quite handy. I have loads of reviews to write and I love to drink coffee, cappuccino, latte etc. Yummm. Thanks EA! :D

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 01:00


Just a random screen of a city I started tonight.

Sunday, March 24, 2013 - 22:30

SNW is 9 years old!

SNW is 9 years old today! Now I don't have anything special planned. Working on the new website kind of messed up my planning. But it's still worth a mention! smiley

Hip hip hooray!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 23:20

I have no idea where to start, and I don't want to make this a long post so I'll keep it short and happy...

SNW is back!

The server crash caused the website to be gone for 2 months. That's something I never want to experience again! The temporary site was a burden to be honest. And at times so was re-building the new website. But it's up and running now - sort of. And I hope you all like the new look and the new layout of things.

It's not quite done... meaning I have plenty of old and new content to add, both on the news sections and in Simpedia. I also have to re-add the old downloads and I have a bunch of reviews to write. Errr. Luckily Cheetah and Mari offered to help with the reviews. :D

I would like to call the website "beta" as there will be things that aren't working properly and there are still things missing. We're still working on the site so please bare with us as we try to make it better!

If something isn't working for you, please let me know. We have a contact form, a Twitter account and a Facebook page. The comments below our news posts should work as well. Plenty of ways to contact us! Happy

I want to add a special thank you for Cheetah who has been a tremendous help working on the new website. <3

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 00:40

SimCity has already sold over 1.1 million copies of the game, of which the majority (54%) were digital copies. Despite the troublesome launch, millions of cities were started by players who have played over 15 million hours in total.

SimCity Sells More Than 1 Million at Launch

Digital Sales Drive Record-Breaking Performance

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today announced that SimCity™ recorded more than 1.1 million units sold through in the first two weeks, making this the biggest SimCity launch of all time. Roughly 54 percent of those sales have been of digital versions of the game, downloaded directly to players’ PCs via Origin™ or other digital download services.

“SimCity had a great weekend with sales strong across both North America and Europe, adding to overwhelming demand at launch that has us tracking well beyond expectations for the game,” said Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer for EA. “SimCity is one of the storied brands in gaming, and Maxis delivered a game re-envisioned and engineered for the online age.”

Gamers have logged on to SimCity via Origin in record numbers, with 44 percent of SimCity sales delivered via EA’s direct-to-consumer digital download service. SimCity gamers have also helped set new records for peak concurrent users on Origin, now at 1.3 million and rising.

In just two weeks:

  • SimCity players have logged more than 15 million hours of online gameplay.
  • More than 5.7 million original cities have been created since launch.
  • More than 780 million buildings have been built.
  • SimCity mayors to date have built enough road and railroad tracks to circle the globe more than 40,000 times.

The Maxis™ studio also continues to enhance both the core SimCity game and the online service infrastructure; in the last two weeks, they have increased server capacity by more than 400%, optimized server response times by 40 times, and deployed fixes to address players' direct feedback on game performance.

Everything is intelligently simulated in this new SimCity, from all of the Sims in a city, to every kilowatt of power pulsing through a region thanks to the powerful GlassBox Engine. It is the most expansive city management game yet where multi-city gameplay across regions delivers a larger playing field. No longer are players relegated to playing one single city, now they can manage and play up to 16 cities at once. Each city can have different specializations; they can share services and trade resources; they can help or even hinder each other; every decision a player makes in each city has impact in the broader region. It’s up to the player to decide where and how they play.

For the first time in the series multiplayer is added to the gameplay giving players a new dimension to the game, as decisions impact both the city and the region, creating new ways to play by collaborating or competing to earn achievements. Underpinning SimCity is a live service that simulates real-time updates and pushes them to players in the form of new challenges and achievements. Players will track their progression alongside their friends and the world for the most polluted city, the richest city and more. Whether players play by themselves, with their friends or with the rest of the world, SimCity will challenge players to create the city of their dreams and answer the question – what kind of mayor will you be?

SimCity is available now worldwide on PC via Origin and retail stores. SimCity is rated E10+ by the ESRB. For more information regarding SimCity, please visit SimCity for Mac will be available in spring 2013. Press assets for SimCity are available at

Monday, March 18, 2013 - 22:32

EA today announced that their current CEO, John Riccitiello, will resign by the end of the month. Until a new CEO is found, Larry Probst will be the executive chairman. Ricitiello was CEO of EA since 2007 but now feels it's the right time to "pass the baton and let new leadership take the company into its next phase of innovation and growth."

Electronic Arts Announces Change in Executive Leadership

Larry Probst Appointed Executive Chairman, Effective Immediately

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today announced that 
John Riccitiello will step down as Chief Executive Officer and as a member of the Board of Directors, effective March 30. The Board has appointed 
Larry Probst as Executive Chairman to ensure a smooth transition and to lead EA's executive team while the Board conducts a search for a permanent CEO. The Board will consider internal and external candidates with the assistance of a leading executive search firm.

Mr. Probst has played a leadership role at EA since 1991. In addition to serving as Chairman of the Board since 1994, he previously served as the Company's CEO from 1991 to 2007. As CEO, Probst successfully grew the Company's annual revenues from $175 million to approximately $3 billion, led EA into new platforms such as mobile, online and other emerging markets and expanded its international presence to more than 75 countries.

"We thank John for his contributions to EA since he was appointed CEO in 2007, especially the passion, dedication and energy he brought to the Company every single day," said 
Mr. Probst. "John has worked hard to lead the Company through challenging transitions in our industry, and was instrumental in driving our very significant growth in digital revenues. We appreciate John's leadership and the many important strategic initiatives he has driven for the Company. We have mutually agreed that this is the right time for a leadership transition."

On behalf of the Board, Lead Director 
Richard A. Simonson stated, "As we begin the CEO search, we are fortunate that Larry, who has a proven track record with our employees, partners and customers, has agreed to assume a day-to-day leadership role as Executive Chairman. He has 16 years of experience as CEO of EA and a deep understanding of the Company's strategy, management team, business potential and industry trends."

Mr. Riccitiello stated, "EA is an outstanding company with creative and talented employees, and it has been an honor to serve as the Company's CEO. I am proud of what we have accomplished together, and after six years I feel it is the right time for me pass the baton and let new leadership take the Company into its next phase of innovation and growth. I remain very optimistic about EA's future — there is a world class team driving the Company's transition to the next generation of game consoles."

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 14:43

Looks like I've got my hands full for a while. :P



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