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Please note I'm currently working on the new site. I didn't want to take the site offline though, so you can still visit it. However me working on the site while it's still online means a lot of the pages will appear wonky. But not to worry, it won't take too long. Happy
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 00:15

Show us your city's true colors by entering our Build the Best Green City contest. Tweet your pics to #SimCityBTB.

Sunday, June 16, 2013 - 21:35

Mayors! SimCity Update 5, which focuses on multiplayer and multi-city fixes and improvements, releases this Tuesday:

Hi Mayors – below you'll find the notes that are in development for Update 5.0.

Update 5 is focused on improvements to Multiplayer and Multi-city Play
• New: Historic Price charts for Global Market resources are available from the SimCity World button on the main menu.
• New: The Region Wall chat has been completely updated with a new look and new functionality! Chat functions more efficiently and it’s much easier to communicate with other players. Time stamps show on chat messages on rollover. Regional events are easier to read and can be toggled on and off.
• New: Added a filter for friends’ regions in the join region section.
• New: Trading control. Added feature to give players more control over their utilities. Players can now choose whether or not to keep their power, water, or sewage local. This setting can be found on the information panel accessible by clicking on the power plant, water tower, or sewage pipe or plant. Sharing with the region is on by default.
• New: Regional Missions: Added seven new regional missions: Drink It Up!, Plug In, So Stoked, The Wheels on the Bus, Ferry Dust, Station to Station, and Riding Coach.
• New: Regional Achievement: Added a new regional achievement, Field Trip!
• Gifting Improvements: Cash gifts are now delivered electronically, not by truck. This should improve the efficiency of gifting.
• Resource gifts: Resource gifts will happen more reliably. Multiple trucks can make deliveries at once if they are available in the sending city and the truck capacities have been increased.
• Great Works Improvements: Delivery trucks will mark their resources as dropped off as soon as they reach the Great Works, instead of when they arrive back in the city. This will make tracking time more reliable.
• Great Works Improvements: Update to have all resources at Great Works handled at the regional level. This will address players in different cities seeing different resources once the server has processed the region and cities.
• Great Works Improvements: Fixed an issue where an Arcology would maintain power from the region and fixed an issue where shoppers would not increase at the Arcology as it was leveled up. This will update in both existing and new Arcologies.
• Great Works Improvements: Tuned the Solar Farm.
• Regional Unlocks: The advanced coal mine unlocks regionally. Fixed issue where the Trade HQ sometimes did not unlock.
• Fire Advisor Trading clarity: Tuned the Fire advisor so they do not tell you that neighbors are sending fire trucks when your neighbor has no fire stations.
• Trading: School buses that travel from a neighbor’s city will show that city’s avatar.
• Regional Commuting: Fixed an issue where Sims would not be able to take transit out of cities with lots of streetcars or shuttle buses. This could cause some cases where commuting Sims could not return home and their homes would go abandoned.
• Garbage Trucks and Recycling Trucks: Fixed an issue that some cities experienced where garbage and recycling trucks do not leave their buildings or disappeared when trading service with neighbors. Existing cities who have trucks that have disappeared will have to demolish their missing trucks’ garages and plop new garages.
• Text Clarification: The “Out of Money” message now says “Can’t find work” when appropriate in rollover feedback and the approval rating UI. This is to clarify your Sims’ actual need. 

Friday, June 14, 2013 - 01:03

Well that's it. In a few hours EA will shutdown The Sims Social and SimCity Social. Are you going to miss it? I have to admit I haven't played it in quite some time. Mostly due to lack of time. But also because I could only complete quests if I added a bunch of people I didn't know or if I spend real money on it. I will admit I have had some fun times with both games. And I will definitely miss it. But on the bright side, more time to spend on other things!

Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 21:07

Mayors – today we are announcing the Mac version of SimCity has moved its release date from June 11 and will now be available digitally worldwide in August.

Learn more about the Mac version and future PC updates from Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis:

That is quite a delay. I guess I should be happy I run Bootcamp as well.

Sunday, May 26, 2013 - 02:03

Maxis has rolled out SimCity patch 4.0 this week. This enables a few of the SimCity World features that were announced prior to release, most importantly global markets and leaderboards. The patch also provides new content in the form of a SimCity Launch Park (for early adopters of the game only) and a new region of 7 cities in one cluster. Commercial zones will now also play a more important role in Sims' happiness. Read below for the full notes and check out the accompanying blog post. The patch will automatically be installed when you next launch the game; the next big patch will be rolled out after the Mac launch at June 11th.

  • New: SimCity Launch Park, an exclusive new park just for our dedicated fans who were early adopters.
  • New: Region: Edgewater Bay. Seven city sites in one cluster around a beautiful bay with one great work site.
  • New: Your current server will now be shown in the options menu.
  • New: More detailed rollover information on buildings telling player’s if their Sims received happiness from a park or from shopping. Previous to this fix, this information was generic.
  • Re-Enabled Feature: Global Market prices now dynamically change during gameplay.
  • Re-Enabled Feature: Leaderboards will be active on EU West 3, Pacific 1 and Pacific 2 at the release. We will enable them on additional servers throughout the day.
  • Re-Enabled Feature: Region filters are now enabled on all SimCity servers. Players will be able to search for open games by Map Name, Sandbox Mode, and Abandoned Cities.
  • Rain Clouds: Fixed an issue where some cities would not have rain clouds to replenish their water table. If you had a city with this issue, you will start seeing clouds again within a game day.
  • Fire: Improved response time of fire trucks to fires. Improved the time it takes for a fire signal to reach a fire station.
  • Mission updates: Tuned Metals HQ and Community College missions. These were appearing too early, making them difficult to complete. They now appear later in a city’s development.
  • Solar Farm Great Work: Reduced fire risk at the Solar Farm Great work. Local fire engines were spending too much time at the Solar Farm.
  • Messaging: Improved pre-requisite messaging for Trade Port, Casinos, Smelting Factory and Oil Refinery. It should be clearer on how to unlock these buildings.
  • Graphics: Fix for flickering low wealth buildings on NVIDIA graphics cards.
  • Education: Fix for an issue some cities experienced where commuting students did not return from a neighbor’s city. This was causing a problem where students would disappear from a city in some cases.
  • Tuning: Sims will lose a small amount of happiness if they don’t have a place to shop. Cities without places to shop will see complaints and feel the effect of unhappy Sims. This will emphasize the importance of commercial zones
Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 23:08


Woot, after weeks (and a forced break in between) of working on it, I am happy to announce that our forums are back online! All accounts that were created after August 2012 are gone, so if you signed up between August and January, it's probably a good idea to do that again! Happy

Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 19:43

GamesIndustry International has an article online of the top selling franchises from 2005-2012, with EA listed at #3 (2012), and The Sims is listed at #9 (2005-2012)!

Thursday, May 9, 2013 - 02:23

The SimCity team has released the 3.0 patch, and they want your feedback:

Hey everyone-- we just rolled out Update 3.0 on the majority of our servers (Oceanic 2, NA West 3, Europe West 6, and Antarctica are still undergoing server upgrades and will return later today).

Now we want to hear your feedback!

Let us know what you think of the new changes in this thread. BTW: You can find all the notes contained in Update 3.0 here.

If you spot any new issues, direct them to our thread on Answers HQ.

Thanks, Mayors!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 02:10

The SimCity team just tweeted about what's currently in development. They are planning to release a new update later this week:

Currently In Development 

Hi Mayors – below you'll find the notes that will appear in Update 3.0 scheduled for release later this week. 

Update 3.0 Notes 

• New: Added more Hotel models to increase hotel variety. 
• Traffic: Updated routing system to improve traffic. Routing system now understands more information about u-turns, required vehicle stops, and vehicle behavior on certain road types. This should make traffic smarter. 
• Traffic: Commercial and industrial buildings stagger their work shifts to start throughout commute hours instead of at the top of the hour. This should reduce traffic. 
• Traffic: Fixes one issue where a car won't move causing traffic to back up behind it. 
• Traffic: Vehicles can now make right turns on Red. This should improve some cases of traffic. 
• Traffic: Trading polish that will improve regional traffic when one city has a lot of jobs and its neighboring city has a lot of workers. 
• Air Pollution: Fixed more issues where cities that placed air polluting buildings received large amounts of air pollution from unknown sources. 
• Service Vehicles: Fix for disappearing service vehicles on cities that whose vehicles had disappeared before update 2.
• School Buses: Fix for issue where school buses were getting stuck at neighbor's city or arcology. 
• Audio: Tuned audio on French Police Station. 
• Trading: Fixed issue where fire servers were not trading consistently between Brakeman's Folly and Twain in Whitewater Valley. 
• Trading: Sewage trading: Sewage will now take a more direct route to regional sewage plant instead of throughout the city. 
• Trading: Made gifting more reliable. 
• Ferry Terminal: Ferry Terminal can now send its sewage to the output pipe and treatment plant. 
• RCI Tuning: Fixed issue where sims going to a park via transit would sometimes lose their money or happiness on the way home. 
• RCI Tuning: Bulldozing abandoned or rubble buildings will now prevent new developments for 6-12 hours. 
• RCI Tuning: Less Happiness is taken from wealth 2 and 3 buildings when rent is due when no money is present. 
• RCI Tuning: Fix for issue some users experienced where buildings would stay abandoned because moving trucks would not be able to move in. 
• Trees: Trees now last longer, but also do not eliminate as much ground pollution. 
• Radiation: Radiation causes less ground pollution than previously. 
• Transit: Changed thought bubble suggestion to add more trains to deal with crowded passenger trains to suggest that you add more train stations. 
• Transit: Improvements to lights to make rail look better at night. 
• Transit: Streetcar stops can now be placed directly on standalone streetcar tracks, and passengers can walk along the tracks to them. 
• Transit: Tuned the chance buses or streetcars will go to high-traffic stops first as a minor traffic improvement. 
• Roads: University pedestrian paths can now cross streets. 
• Manufacturing Trucks: Fixed issue some users experienced where manufacturing trucks left the city and were lost permanently. 
• Delivery Trucks: Fixed issue where some users would experience a loss of resources is their delivery trucks returned to garages without proper storage. 
• Sports Parks: Tuned the amount of skateboarders and neighborhood athletes at the sports parks. 
• Data Layers: Zones are now visible in heavy data layers. 
• Edit Mode: Added more valid snap points in edit mode. This improvement is most noticeable on Parks. 
• Buildings: Addressed some cases where buildings would stack on one another.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 02:04


Last month the SimCity team released a new patch for SimCity. Until now we haven't had a chance to post it. So here it is now.
We have an update for you, Mayors. An update about our next Update, in fact – this Monday, April 22nd starting at 9pm GMT we'll be releasing Update 2.0, which contains a number of top-requested bug fixes and improvements. Here's the full list of changes included in the Update:
What's New
Mayors Mansion: Mayors will now drive their fancy cars to work. Mayors will take their helicopter, limo, or sports car if the modules are present.
HUD: Now colour-corrects when in a colour-blind mode.
Data map: Data maps show the filtered colour when a colour filter is enabled (unless in a colour-blind mode)
Fixes and Updates
Cities not Processing: Mitigates some of the issues that were causing cities not to process. We are continuing to work on and improve this issue.
Region Filters: Now sorts regions with available cities to the top
Invitations: Invitations to join a region should be sent and received more quickly.
Tourism: Fixes for unexplained fluctuation of tourists. Tourists more smartly counted on transit.
Cruise ships are now more effective at bringing medium and high wealth tourists in coastal cities.
New tourists will now decide to come into a city once leaving tourists reach train stations, bus depots, or cruise ship docs instead of waiting for those tourists to go out to the region first.
This change will reduce the downtime of tourist buildings.
Casinos: Casinos tuned so that Gambling will be a more profitable speciality. Players can bulldoze and replace existing casinos to see effects of tuning.
The larger casinos now invite more tourists into the city which helps keep them full.
Note that existing casinos will need to be replaced to take advantage of this change.
More Casinos: Raised module limit on Sci-Fi and Sleek Casinos to 6 modules.
Region Play: Cash gifts can now be received in a bankrupt city.
Education: Fixed school buses getting stuck at the high school. Existing Schools will fix themselves.
Education: Fixed school buses picking up students at neighbouring cities that didn't have school bus stops.
Education: Fix to more accurately track regional student population.
Education: Fix where kids leaving the school bus stop would teleport to the nearest pedestrian path instead of walking directly into the school.
Education: University wings now give the proper bonus.
Recycling: Fix for the Recycling Center where it would sometimes stop working, recycling services will visit other cities.
Air pollution: Fixed issue where air pollution would appear to come from nowhere. Fix issues where your regional air pollution would be reflected back into your box for a double penalty. 
• Fire Service: Fire Trucks don't clump, dispatch to fires more efficiently.
Water: Water pumps are now capable of pumping water from rivers at a larger radius so they can take better advantage of the water table in a city.
Disasters: Cool down for random disasters: Some players were getting hit too frequently with random disasters, this introduces a cool down where no random disasters will occur.
Trade: Fix for trade ports that suddenly stop shipping.
Transit: Street Cars and Buses go to high volume stops first.
Transit: A city with residents and public transit will now provide the accurate amount of workers and shoppers to its neighbours.
Transit: A transit vehicle stuck in a pick-up or drop off loop will now go back to a garage instead of trying to pick up more people.
Transit vehicles should recover automatically after the update. If players want to force the recovery, turn off the stops that are having looping issues, wait a few game hours, then turn them back on.
Transit: Neighbours buses will now come in lower numbers into the city and do a better job at picking up local passengers first.
Residential Tuning: Residential-only cities have failure state.
Buildings are prevented from going up in density when they don't have power or water.
The amount of happiness gained from low taxes, police, fire, and health outreach has been lowered.
Fixed some cases where buildings would not go abandoned when they should have.
Higher density residential buildings are no longer blocked from going abandoned due to not having enough money.
Happiness from low taxes does not double up every time it is given.
Losing happiness due to not having a job is more impaction.
Budgets: Fixed bug that prevented systems like fire, abandonment, garbage, and sewage from turning on when they were supposed to.
Audio: Fixes issue where audio will stop working after creating a large city or where phantom audio sounds play in a city.
Demolish: Fixes issue that occurred when players demolished buildings that had service vehicles, delivery vehicles, or agents out in the city or region. Previously, the agents would be in a state of limbo and would not recover when new buildings of that type were placed. This will no longer happen.
Because this is our first significant Update, we wanted to inform you in advance that we'll be taking down all servers for approximately two hours while changes are being issued. Choosing a time to issue a major Update is never easy, but after looking our peak player time, we've concluded 9pm GMT is the best window for us to make these improvements. As you can see from the list above, the wait will be worth it.
Thanks, Mayors! 



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