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The Sims Valentine's Day dual screen wallpaper love heart bed vibrating nostalgia retro
The Sims Valentine's Day widescreen wallpaper love heart bed vibrating nostalgia retro

Give your Sims the wild life!

Put your Sims into outrageous situations and settings with The Sims Livin' Large. New objects, careers, building styles and characters give you the freedom to send your Sims' lives in extreme directions where they'll confront everything from roach infestation to alien abductions. Create a wild new world for your Sims and see what happens.


  • 5 New Careers - 50 New Jobs: Slacker, Journalist, Paranormal, Hacker and Musician.
  • More Neighborhoods: Build up to 50 homes for your Sims with the addition of four new neighborhoods.
  • New Characters: Purchase a robot to help around the house or plead with the Grim Reaper to spare a Sim's life.
  • More Building Styles: New building styles will have you creating a whole range of homes, from a tacky love shack to a creepy castle to a high-tech home of the future.
  • 125 New Items including:
    • Home Chemistry Lab: Experiment on your Sims with 8 different potions.
    • Magic Lantern: Looking for love? Need some quick cash? Rub the lamp and ask the genie to grant your Sims' wishes.
    • Vibromatic Heart Bed: Give your Sims the chance to `play in bed'.
    • Electric Guitar: With practice, your hard rocking Sims will draw crowds of dancing admirers.
    • Crystal Ball: Unravel the Crystal Ball's riddles and follow its advice to improve your Sims' personality.

Fun Facts

The British name is The Sims: Livin' It Up!

The voice of the genie is from the creator of The Sims himself: Will Wright!

Release Dates

Release Date US: 
27 Aug 2000
Release Date EU: 
7 Sep 2000
Release Date UK: 
8 Sep 2000