Simpedia: The Sims: Triple Deluxe

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1 + 3 Superhits on One Deluxe Pack!

Create and Control People in the Ultimate Compilation.

The No. 1 PC game of all time offers triple the value and triple the fan in this special deluxe edition. Join The Sims phenomenon - an entire world of Sims awaits your quirky command.

  • Create Your Sims: Design the personalities, skills, and appearance of dozens of original Sims. You can even re-create yourself, your family and your friends.
  • Build Their Homes: Move your Sims into pre-built homes or design your dream home from the ground up.
  • Run Their Lives... Lead your Sims to happiness by pursuing careers, making friends, and finding romance.
  • ...Or Ruin Them: See what happens when you make a complete mess of things.

Release Dates

Release Date EU: 
17 Jun 2004
Release Date UK: 
18 Jun 2004