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SimCity Social: More City, Less 'Ville

Note: Playfish is closing SimCity Social and The Sims Social on June 14, 2013.


Build a city that comes to life!

From the creators of the original city building game, interact with your friends, buildings, and cities like never before in SimCity Social on Facebook.

Watch your friends move in automatically and houses self-upgrade as you place beautiful decorations nearby. Be the first among your friends to own a skyscraper, or two! Give birth to a dynamic city with passionate citizens, ready to protest for clean air or celebrate economical success. Build on the biggest playground in Facebook yet, with surprises at every turn. Watch out for fire hazards, crime-prone areas, and much more!

Play pranks, leave surprises, build relationships with your Facebook friends like never before.


  • Build a city bustling with life! - Watch your citizens celebrate with parades down the street on one side of the city while crime and fires may be sprouting on the other side!
  • Feel the impact of your decisions as Mayor! - Create a beautiful neighborhood by placing decorations next to houses and watch as they upgrade to stylish homes. Businesses situated in good neighborhoods will have boosted sales. Cut down too many trees? Watch out – the Tree Conservation Society might not be too pleased and you may have a protest on your hands!
  • Full of surprises! - Build your city on the largest map in any city-building game on Facebook. As your city grows, you will need to expand into the surrounding areas. Discover the surprises that lay hidden!
  • The first truly social city-building game on Facebook. - Your Facebook friends will automatically move in to your city as you build houses and you will get rewards when you make them happy or angry. Build rival cities with your friends and unlock interactions and exclusive landmarks! Will you poop on your friend’s city? Will you leave a rainbow that greets them when they log in?

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Release Date: 
25 Jun 2012