Sims Fans Discover New Graphics Pack

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Wednesday, August 25, 1999 - 23:00

Luc's Server, Internet Territory (SCNS) -
Three Sims fans hunting for the mystical real release date of The Sims in a remote corner the internet have found the remains of what appears to be Sims' dinners, scientists and local leaders say. Internetologists and elders from the territory where the zip file was found announced the discovery Wednesday on
But scientists hesitated to say how old they thought the zip file was. "It's so hard to pin down. I don't want to speculate," said Sean Baity, an assistant producer with MAXIS. "The elders have indicated that we should use this situation, what appears to be several hi resolution shots of food and cooking equipment and refuse, to learn more about this game, what it might look like, and how the food is made and eaten". The zip file had been sitting there next to other older zip files, so it felt kind of new. While they could see the zip file, he said, they didn't see the images until it was downloaded and extracted. "What the heck....they are only about 2 MEGS each.", said one of the grizzled fans.

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