Contem Flats

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 22:20


Lot Size: 
Price (Unfurnished): 
Price (Furnished): 

CC: SimsNetwork. Contem Flats is a modern styled home perfect for your Sims' families. It has bedrooms, bathrooms and all the other rooms. Just download it. Kay? Okay, thanks! #ContemFlats #Djeranotjuh #Modern

Creation Name: Contem Flats
Origin ID: Djeranotjuh

CC Download Links:
- De Stijl - Simpel Door 7 
- De Stijl - Steel Door 10
- De Stijl - Steel Door 11
- De Stijl - Wide Window 4 
- De Stijl - Small Window 3
- De Stijl - Tiny Window 1