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What other kinds of t-shirts can your Sim wear in #TheSims4? Pre-order today and find out!

RT if you're going to make your Sims total bros! #TheSims4

Caption this. #TheSims4

How about... "Where are my pancakes?!"

Brace yourselves...

Who do you recognize in this selfie? #TheSims4

What do you want to experiment with in #TheSims4?

Stay home, or go out? Where will you send your Sim first? #TheSims4

How does #TheSims4 team look?

What kind of song do you think he is playing?

Who is this handsome dancing dude? Endless possibilities in The Sims 4. #TheSims4

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Which of these outfits would you wear to ? #TheSims4 #E32014

How would your Sim have fun at a park? World of Wonder Carousel Collection is now available:

3… 2… 1… Counting down the days for #TheSims4 news!

Another render I can't remember. Posted on the official Dutch Sims page on Facebook.

The German Facebook page has posted this render. These look like the NPC's from The Sims 4!

Plenty for the kids to do at the World of Wonder with the beautiful new Sands of Time Sandbox!

Will your Sim pick Whack-A-Chicken, Whack-A-Clown or Whack-A-Corndog?

Who is this #TheSims4 house perfect for?

How many windows are in this #TheSims4 screenshot?