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The Sims has been nominated for induction into the walk of game at the Metreon in San Francisco, California! Winners are selected based on fans' votes.

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The expansion packs from The Sims 1 have recently been lowered in price! Which expansion pack fits you best?

Have you always dreamed of being a Superstar, travel around the world, or have a luxurious diner with your true love? Or would you rather party with all of your friends?

Play the Simsquiz and find out which expansion fits you best!

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Each one of you probably has their own unique and special story... and we want to hear it. This is your chance to share your Sims biography with Maxis as we endeavor to create a collage of The Sims 2 player biographies.

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Cheetah from had some time to interview Will Wright at The Sims 2 SimPosium event. Find out what is going on in the mind of our favorite game designer.

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A new expansion means more activity on the forums. That's why LeeRoyNR09 has been made a moderator.

LeeRoyNR09 has been active for quite some time on the forums, and he has helped out before as a temporary moderator. From this day on he'll be a part of the team.

Members of the Sims development team reminisce about what they learned over the five years since the release of the original game.

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The Sims celebrates its five-year anniversary this month, but it all started with a toilet. interviews Will Wright.

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Help celebrate their 5 year anniversary! They have a new contest where you can win a copy of The Sims 2 University!

Let's Get This Party Started!

The Dutch Sims community has turned all Valentine themed today! The mayors can tell you all about this special day on the community!

Read all about it on the frontpage of the community.